Is there a best way to revise?

What if I told you that every 5 hours of revision for an exam, students improve their scores by 2.5%.

But you are on this website and doing A level maths and might be thinking…wait a minute…what kind of statistic is that? Surely it’s too general to be trusted. Is that for any particular subject? At any level – primary school, secondary school, college, university? With your own resources? Organised revision?

The truth is that I don’t have any statistics that show a link between hours of revision and grades. I wish I could tell you how many hours you need to revise to get an A* in A level maths.

But unfortunately I can’t and I can’t because the effect of revision depends on so many variables that the conclusions are not clear. You can read an interesting study presented at the 16th annual conference of education, learning styles, individual differences Network at Antwerp, Belgium here.

One of the conclusions of this study is that students taking initiative, meaning being proactive with their revision, is key for the revision being effective. By the way, you are taking initiative by being here!

I have a way through

What I can tell you, thanks to my many years teaching and tutoring and not to any study, is that organised revision with good resources will help you to perform better in your exams, will increase your confidence and reduce your exam anxiety.

There is a tailored solution: I have developed a comprehensive program for A-Level maths to hand hold you to success in your exams. With more than 30 years of experience of teaching and tutoring all kinds of students, I have reviewed the entire A-Level maths syllabus and distilled it using my ‘Triple C approach’: clean, clear and concise. This course will sit beside your existing understanding and at the very least enhance your approach to the material and exam question handling.

To get your best grades

Sign up for the next course and you will  join my Google classroom where we will be working together. There you will have access to video recordings for all the content with worked through exam questions, supporting booklets and live Q&A sessions for you to achieve your full potential.

Take the initiative and get the grades that you deserve!