I am Arancha

A passionate maths teacher with over 30 years of experience. I am not just here to help your child excel in A-Level Maths, but to ignite their love for the subject and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

  • If your child is not achieving the desired results in their mocks and school assessments…
  • If they claim that they understand the questions in the textbook or in the classroom but they struggle with the exam questions…
  • If they have knowledge gaps…
  • If they struggle to understand lengthy and complex questions and face difficulty determining the appropriate method…
  • If they start their revision process late or lack a structured and consistent approach to their studies…

I’m here to help.

From my early days as a college student, I discovered my love for teaching, nurturing young minds and witnessing the transformative power of education.

Although I initially pursued a career in Naval and Aeronautical Engineering, my true calling pulled me back to the world of teaching, where I could make a profound impact on students’ lives.

a level maths tutor

Having taught secondary school maths in cities like Madrid and London, I have honed my teaching skills and developed a deep understanding of how to engage and inspire students. 

Now, as the founder of ‘Better Your Maths‘, I have combined my expertise with the ever-evolving landscape of remote learning to bring you different online revision programs designed specifically for those preparing for the A-Level maths exams.

With this innovative approach, I can guide your child towards achieving their goals in A-Level Maths and beyond.

arancha ruiz maths
  • I grew up by the mountains near Madrid.
  • I have three kids that were born in Madrid, Zurich and London!
  • I love the sea and kayaking in the river Thames with my youngest daughter.
  • My favourite food is paella (a famous Spanish rice dish 😉)
  • I love red vespas and tiramisu.
  • When I was in college I used to work as a maths tutor and as a lifeguard in my local swimming pool.
  • I love long walks, coffee with friends and road trips.

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