A-Level Maths Exam Preparation:

Pay-As-You-Go Lessons

-£15 per lesson-

exam time management webinar

Flexible A-Level Maths lessons, designed to provide targeted support precisely when you need it, with just one month left until exams.

These live sessions offer in-depth exploration of the most challenging exam topics, ensuring you’re fully prepared for whatever comes your way.

– What they can ask you about the topic

– How to answer to get the marks

– Common mistakes

After each session, you’ll receive a recording for review, along with a PDF containing additional practice questions to reinforce your understanding.

With my pay-as-you-go model, you have the freedom to choose the lessons that best suit your needs, helping you approach your exams with confidence and clarity.

Next sessions available: 

Hypothesis testing binomial distribution (statistics). Both for year 12 and year 13. Saturday 4th of May, 10 am

Exponentials and logarithms. Both for year 12 and year 13. Saturday 11th of May 10 am

Integration. Year 13. Sunday 12th of May 10 am

Trigonometry. Year 13. Monday 13th of May 6 pm

Normal distribution (statistics). Year 13. Saturday 18th of May 10 am

– Moments (mechanics). Year 13. Monday 20th of May 6 pm

*Note: Refunds are available upon request up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson. Unfortunately we are unable to process refunds beyond this time.