A-Level Maths Exam Preparation:

Edexcel Paper 2 Lesson

Monday 10th June

5pm-7.20pm (£25)

exam time management webinar

Based on what I’ve heard about Paper 1 and my experience with these exams, here are the key topics we are going to focus on this 2 hours lesson as they are very likely to appear in the next paper on Tuesday, the 11th:


  1. Parametric equations. Probably with differentiation.
  2. Modelling. There were no modelling questions, so probably some modelling with exponentials and logarithms (maybe quadratics or trigonometric modelling, but less common)
  3. More complex trigonometric questions, including addition formulae or double angle.
  4. Vectors!
  5. More diffentiation and more integration. There were questions, but there will be more. Maybe trapezium rule.
  6. Graphs and transformations. As far as I know, there were no questions, so it’s very likely you have one.

* Note: If you have AQA, the topics will be quite similar and I will be doing questions of both exam boards. Please join! It will help you regardless.