Set your child up for success in A-Level Maths with our comprehensive year-long courses.

Provide continuous support throughout the school year to build a solid foundation and ensure consistent progress. Book here.

initial assessment

Initial assesment to identify knowledge gaps and evaluate exam technique.

student success session

Student success session with me to stablish a personalised road map.

live lessons

Weekly group live lessons to cover all the content and practice exam questions.

struggling with a level maths

Weekly drop-in sessions for when your child is struggling with the content.


Tracker to measure progress.

weekly homework

Weekly homework to consolidate learning.

library of a level maths lessons and resources

Library of resources covering the whole syllabus of A-Level maths.


One to one calls for when students need support or encouragement.

parent meeting

Parent monthly reports to keep parents informed and students accountable.

Year 12 Students (2 lessons per week):

  • One content lesson: Focused on Year 12 topics, scheduled on your chosen day.
  • One Year 12 exam questions lesson: Dedicated to practicing Year 12 exam questions. Fridays 6.30 pm.

Year 13 Students (3 lessons per week):

  • One content Lesson: Focused on Year 13 topics, scheduled on your chosen day.
  • One Year 13 Exam Questions Lesson: Dedicated to practicing Year 13 exam questions. Saturdays 3.30 pm.
  • One Year 12 Exam Questions Lesson: An additional session to review and reinforce Year 12 topics. Fridays 6.30 pm.

This structure ensures that Year 12 students get the necessary foundation, while Year 13 students benefit from a thorough review of both Year 12 and Year 13 material, preparing them comprehensively for their exams.

Common Exam Questions Lessons:

These sessions are shared across all Year 12 and Year 13 students and focus on practicing past exam questions to enhance exam technique and confidence.

Content Lessons:

These sessions are conducted in smaller groups (5-6 students) to ensure personalised attention.



YEAR 12 PROGRAM (2 lesson per week)

Early bird discount:

£195 per month

£175 per month


YEAR 13 PROGRAM (3 lesson per week)

Early bird discount:

£225 per month

£200 per month

year 13 wednesday class
year 13 thursday class
year 13 fridays lessons


1. What is the duration of the year-long courses?

The year-long courses run from September to June, providing weekly support, lessons, and homework throughout the academic year.

2. How often are the lessons held?

Lessons are held twice a week for year 12 groups and three times a week for year 13 groups with each session lasting one hour. This consistent schedule helps students stay on track and continually reinforce their learning.

3. What topics are covered in the courses?

The courses cover the full year 12 A-Level Maths syllabus for the year 12 courses and full year 13 A-Level maths syllabus for year 13. This ensures comprehensive preparation for the exams.

4. Are the lessons live or pre-recorded?

All lessons are live, allowing for real-time interaction and personalised support. Students can ask questions and get immediate feedback during the sessions.

5. What happens if my child misses a lesson?

If a lesson is missed, it will be recorded and uploaded to Google Classroom, allowing your child to catch up at their own convenience.

6. How is homework assigned and checked?

Homework is assigned after each lesson and is accessible via Google Classroom. Students are expected to complete it and  mark it before the next session. Homework is checked and feedback is provided to ensure understanding and progress.

7. What resources are provided with the course?

Students receive access to a variety of resources, including exam questions and video tutorials (more than 300 videos covering all A-Level maths content). These materials are designed to support their learning and exam preparation.

8. Is there any support outside of lessons?

Yes, students can reach out for additional help via Google Classroom/whatsapp. I also offer occasional extra revision sessions closer to the exams.

9. How can I enroll my child in the course?

You need to click on the desired course, which will take you to a link to pay for the first month via Stripe. After the first payment, subsequent payments will be automatically charged on the first day of each month.

10. Can I get a refund?

Refunds are available if notice is given two weeks before the course starts

11. What equipment does my child need for the course?

Your child will need a device with internet access, a microphone, and preferably a camera for the best learning experience. All lessons are conducted online via Google Classroom, therefore they need a Google account.

12. How do you handle inappropriate behavior?

We maintain a respectful and productive learning environment. Any student displaying inappropriate behavior may be expelled from the course without a refund.

13. What should I do if I’m unsure about my child’s needs?

If you’re not sure what your child needs, please fill out our contact form on the website, and I will reach out to discuss your child’s specific requirements and how I can best support them.

14. Can students have a free trial?

Yes, students can have a free trial lesson. Please contact me to arrange a trial session and see how the course can benefit your child.