Unleash Your Child’s Full Potential in A-Level Maths so they can get a place in their first choice university

Top grades hold the key to prestigious universities, competitive programs and scholarships. They showcase your child’s commitment, work ethic and dedication; opening doors to limitless opportunities and boosting their confidence to strive for even greater success.

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  • If your child is not achieving the desired results in their mocks and school assessments…

  • If they claim that they understand the questions in the textbook or in the classroom but they struggle with the exam questions…

  • If they have knowledge gaps…

  • If they struggle to understand lengthy and complex questions and face difficulty determining the appropriate method…

  • If they start their revision process late or lack a structured and consistent approach to their studies…

I’m here to help.


My name is Arancha and I have been teaching maths for over 30 years, both as a tutor and  qualified classroom teacher in Spain and the UK.

For years I have helped students breaking through their own barriers and blocks to get the best grades that they possibly can in A-Level maths.


“Hi Arancha. I just wanted to say thank you!

You have been incredible helping Shaila, the school is keen in changing her predicted grade to an A. She is over the moon!”


“Hi Arancha, thank you for messaging me, I was about to text you.

He got an A*!

We wanted to thank you for all your help. It has been transformative. He was so demotivated when you started to work with him!”



“I got an A* in maths!!!🥳

I couldn’t have done it without your help!

Thank you again for your incredible support 💖”



“Arancha explains everything in a way that it’s impossible to not understand!”

Idiee G.


“You made me believe I could get an A in A-Level maths and I did it, despite my predicted grade was a C.

Thank you!”



“Thank you for making applied maths less painful!”

Maryam & Maya

This is what you will find in my programs:

initial assessment

Initial assesment to identify knowledge gaps and evaluate exam technique.

student success session

Student success session with me to stablish a personalised road map.

live lessons

Weekly group live lessons to cover all the content and practice exam questions.

struggling with a level maths

Weekly drop-in sessions for when your child is struggling with the content.


Tracker to measure progress.

weekly homework

Weekly homework to consolidate learning.

library of a level maths lessons and resources

Library of resources covering the whole syllabus of A-Level maths.


One to one calls for when students need support or encouragement.

parent meeting

Parent-student meeting to keep parents informed and students accountable.

Book a call to explore how I can help your child to excel in A-Level maths.

Exam Excellence Blueprint: Achieve Mastery and Confidence

Identify weaknesses

We pinpoint gaps and weaknesses, tailoring tutoring for comprehensive mastery.

Build Strong Foundations

With expert guidance, we nurture confidence to tackle challenging questions and ace exams.

Masterful Exam Skills

Our expert strategies, including understanding mark schemes, ensure top marks, while reducing exam anxiety and mastering time management.